Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Sun and Snow

Today it is 18 degrees and sunny. Every spare patch of grass has been taken over by a half-naked Swede soaking up sun rays. In fact it has been sunny ever since I arrived here. Cold, 3 degrees sometimes, but still sunny. However, last Sunday week was an exception, as it was cloudy, and rained all day. Then suddenly it started snowing. Withing an hour eveything was covered in snow. Then just as suddenly, all the snow melted and by the following morning it was sunny again. The took this video from my kitchen window:
If it hasn't uploaded, just use the following link:¤t=Snowoutfront.flv Otherwise, below are some photos.


Lumpen said...

Yes I'm reading your blog. Totally forgot to put a link in mine.

Here's a pic I made for you.

Anthony Woodward said...

Hey Nic, leigh told me about your blog thought I'd say hi :)